Therapeutic Approach

A New Opportunity to Treat the Undruggable

Current drugs on the market have limitations that prevent them from drugging intracellular protein-protein interactions (PPIs). Small molecules can reach the PPI but are too small to effectively disrupt or prevent their formation. Large molecules can effectively disrupt or prevent the formation of PPIs but are too large to pass through the cell membrane and enter cells.  At Sapience, we are developing peptide-based therapeutics that combine the best properties of small and large molecules while eliminating their shortcomings.

Using Peptides as a Treatment

We believe peptides provide the best opportunity to address these desired drug-targets. Peptides are small enough to travel around the body, through the cell membrane and into the cytoplasm or nucleus, and are large enough to prevent and disrupt specific PPIs.

Changing the Cell’s Fate

Our peptides provide new opportunities to “drug the undruggable”. We target specific PPIs, which when disrupted can lead to cell death or a modulated immune response in targeted cells.